Are Squishies Biodegradable?

Are Squishies Biodegradable?

We all know that Squishies work as everyone’s stress reliever when things get too out of hand – or you simply love to collect them and design them in your room.

Now, for the curious lot, you may be wondering, are these things even biodegradable? You can’t help but wonder if they are – after all, with ALL the time you have in the world holding your favorite Hello Kitty squishy, you’re bound to start asking questions.

But before we get to answer the million dollar question, we need to know what these squishies that are ruling over the world are made of.

The thing is, these little kawaii things are made of PU. In other words, they are made out of Polyurethane. Before we move on any further, PU is actually created by Otto Bayer back in the year 1937.

Otto Bayer

Photo of Otto Bayer

Right now, PU is basically sweeping across the globe with its many uses. It’s funny how its use originally was meant to aid the making of airplanes when the world was still stuck with World War II.

Who knew that the material used to make aircraft coating would be the same material used for creating kawaii squishies? But before it was used for squishies, it was the first material for creating a car that’s an all plastic.

So yeah, the fact that it’s created by PU means that squishies are perfectly okay to play with, and there are no risks to using it as well, so everything is all good.

However, to answer the question: Since it’s made out of PU, then the answer is a big NO. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, squishies are completely safe!

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