Squishies Vs. Stress Balls

Squishies Vs. Stress Balls

The question still stands – are you team squishies or are you team stress balls? If you’re not sure yet, it’s about time to learn more about it today!

In an earlier, I have talked about the difference between squishies and slime, and since you’ve asked for it, it’s about time to tell the difference between getting squishies and stress balls.

Now, we all know that squishies are typically cute, a huggable toy that you can proudly bring around to your friends. One of the most popular reasons why squishies are becoming increasingly popular is because of its unique forms and scent.

Squishies can be as tasty as a real-life cake due to its scent or it can be as adorable as having your cuddle-buddy because of its squishy properties. It also takes on the form of popular mascots and characters in the industry.

The popularity of squishies have sky-rocketed in the past few years, and it was only last year (2017) that it has gotten the attention of YouTubers. Currently, it’s known to be one of the fastest growing niches on the site.

As for stress balls, they do exactly what its name tells – relieves stress. Unlike squishies that have only made its way to the homes of thousands recently, stress balls have been around for decades.

One of the biggest differences between the two is that a stress ball commonly has a 7cm diameter and no more than that while squishies can be as tall as 8.5 inches or more.

Stress balls have been purposely created to ease muscle tension or to exercise the hand muscles of the disabled or elderly. There are special stress balls that are designed solely for physical therapy, and these balls have been created with gel in dissimilar densities.

In conclusion, Squishies are ideal for hugs and to be as seen as cute collectibles in your home, and while stress balls are for those who are looking for stress relievers.

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