The Best Jumbo Squishies At WSH Collections

The Best Jumbo Squishies At WSH Collections

You know what they always say, the bigger it is, the better. It seems that this statement holds some truth to squishies as well. If you find cute, small-sized squishies adorable, then imagine being able snuggle them with you when you’re sleeping – that’s double the cuteness!

WSH Collections has a lot of large-sized squishies that you can fall in love with. The only problem is – there’s too many of them. WSH Collections Squishies have been known to be one of the sought-after varieties.

For those who are looking for some loving, you can always check out the EXTRA jumbo to choose from as it can stand up to an incredible 5 ½ inches tall, but that’s not all – it can spread its cuteness up to 8 inches.

These squishies can be anything from food to animals, and let’s not forget the mascot characters we’ve all learned to love.

There’s absolutely not a single thing that can beat the panda classics when it comes to cuteness. As you can see, panda squishies have been dominating the homes of hundreds of squishie-lovers, and we’ve decided to super-sized the love by making the popular panda squishies Jumbo!

You’ll be getting yourself a sweet, pink bow and red bow panda to your liking. In addition, there are even smiling pandas and pandas with their tongue out for a cuter experience.

Similar to the classic version, you’ll be loving with the panda’s straps, so you can attach it to your smartphone to bring a squishy of happiness with you around.

If you love our Panda Jumbo Squishy, then you’re going to fall in love with adorable jumbo bunsie the turtle. It carries the two things that anyone would have for a squishy – it’s huggable and squeezable.

This has been made with the same soft shell as the ever popular melonpan. You’re going to love how gentle the eyes are, and with its perfect size, this makes an adorable squishy to put in your bedroom.

Remember when I told you that you can have the biggest and cutest at 8.5 inches tall? Well, here’s the squishy for you! If you’re fond of adding decorations to your kitchen to make it more attractive, then getting this one is a game-changer for cuteness – you can always have a giant squeeze!

In order to make an outstanding impression, this comes with a packaging that resembles the grocery store, and not to mention that the scent of this Jumbo Squishy will remind you of a freshly baked bread.

Do you know what would be a cute sight? That’s right, Hello Kitties and Donuts! However, have you ever seen a combination of both? Well, here you go – these squishies have been formed to imitate Hello Kitty.

You’ll not only be hungry with cuteness, but its trademark bow steals the show away. The fact that it has been partnered with chocolate glaze on top makes it a delicious bargain. You are free to choose the colors that you’ll find attractive, you have light pink, dark pink, light brown, and of course, neon blue!

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