Top 5 Expensive Squishies

Top 5 Expensive Squishies

Ah, Squishies – they’re everywhere! If there’s only one major contribution to their skyrocketing popularity in the recent years, it’s the fact that getting one doesn’t break the bank.

Well, you can get an awesome squishy at the price of $1 at a dollar store, so why is it a big deal, right? However, there are squishies that are definitely more creative than its other counterparts.

As a person who loves squishies to death, I wanted to share with you Kawaii lovers out there the top ten expensive squishies that I currently own.

With any further ado, I’ll list them down below together with its prices and my own quick review of each product as well.

  • Jumbo Melon Bread – $48

Melon Bread Squishy

Alright, I wanted to start the game strong with this one. In my current collection, this is the most expensive one I own. Aside from its soft texture, the one thing that got my attention is its sweet scent.

  • Choco Sheep – $30

Choco Sheep Squishy

While Jumbo Melon Bread is the most expensive squishy I own, Choco Sheep is my favorite. It’s denser than Jumbo Melon, which I really like.

The design screams to be cuddled to the point that I’ve probably squished it too much. However, it’s still put together that only tells that its quality is definitely worth the price I paid for.

  • Lemon Squishy – $32

Lemon Squishy

Lemon squishy is made to be super air, which makes it a popular choice for collectors alike. They’re currently restocking these models in a number of stores due to its high-demand.

Upon opening the package, it mimics the smell of lemon. It does fade over time, but if kept properly, you’ll be able to preserve the scent.

  • Pumpkin Squishy – $25

Pumpkin Squishy

It’s squishy designed for people who like to decorate their rooms with a bit more of a Halloween vibe to it. It’s smaller than lemon squishy for sure, so it makes it easier to bring around in your bag.

When I bought it, it’s glow-in-the-dark. However, it loses its effect as times goes on.

  • Deer In A Doughnut – $19

Deer in a doughnut squishy

It’s the cheapest among the list, but what can I say – how can I refuse a deer in a doughnut squishy? It’s bigger than Pumpkin Squishy, nonetheless, it’s still easy to bring around. You can find the licensing on the bottom of the squishy.

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    A Ibloom peach is soooo much money

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