Top 5 Squishies YouTube Videos

Top 5 Squishies YouTube Videos

Squishies are slowly taking over YouTube in the year 2017, and there’s definitely more coming in the year 2018. Since its rise of popularity, manufacturing companies have been keen on producing more creative kawaii squishies for everyone to enjoy.

However, for those people who are only starting to enjoy their Squishies escapade, you may be confused as to what you can do for squishy-loving self or what model can you add to your squishy collection.

So, I’ve decided to make things easier for you. I took the liberty of watching the top squishy videos on YouTube and filtered the ones that I think will benefit you the most.
In any case, let’s start rolling!

  • How to Make DIY Squishies (No Memory Foam)!

This is a video made by kawaiisweetworld A.K.A a HARDCORE Squishy fanatic. Her channel boasts over a million subscribers due to her commitment to all things cute.

In this video, in particular, she clearly states the step-by-step process of making Squishies without the use of memory foam.

Unlike the other videos I’ve watched, which there are a lot of them, this delivers a systematic approach that makes it easier for all you guys to follow along.


I think you’ll find this REALLY useful as 7/11 is one of the biggest convenience stores all over the world. So, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can get your hands on a brand new squishy within your city (that rhymes!)

The video gives you a walkthrough as to what are the squishies potentially available at the nearest 7/11 branch in your neighborhood. Saves you a lot of time going through the hassle.


Jumbo Squishies are known for one thing – they can be expensive. In this video, Mommyof3xo, shows you around Walmart as to what you can for a $2 Jumbo Squishy!

Trust me, you’re going to be surprised by the choices you actually have with only two dollars (most of the Jumbo squishies are sold for $3 above)

  • Putting Faces on Squishies

Alright, for those who REALLY want to get creative with their squishies, why not put faces on them, right? TheHollycopter, which has over 300K subscribers on YouTube, teaches you a thing or two on how you can make your plain, old squishies into something totally different.

I’d definitely recommend this to someone who has some only squishies lying around in the house, this’ll show you how you can turn it into an almost brand-new squishy.


Now, if you’re planning on owning THE ultimate squishy package, then you may want to look at this Kawaii lover right here. The video currently has over 9 MILLION views, which only goes to show how popular squishies are getting.

Purplebanana25 talks about her experience with collecting one of the best squishy packages on the YouTube platform. All of the squishies she owns are made out of high-quality material with an awesome design.

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