What Are Squishies Made Of?

What Are Squishies Made Of?

Millennials surely have a creative way of dealing with stress – from fidgeting with a cube, which we all know and love as a fidget spinner (no duh) to getting obsessed with squishies.

Currently, though, the squishie market has taken all over the world! Or I feel that’s the case with all these people owning squishies….including myself.

As for the reasons of owning one, it greatly varies from one person to another. Besides, these things are extremely fun to collect, play, and well, squishing ‘em all!

If there’s anything that adds to the squishy love is its scent, I think we can all agree we get off from it at some point. But I’m pretty sure the scent isn’t the only thing that got your attention – have you ever asked yourself, what these cute little bundles of joy are made of?

You don’t have to answer that, I’m STILL going to talk about it anyway.

So, What’s The Material?

The answer is simple: Polyurethane. Okay, I don’t mean to generalize and say, “Every one of them is made out of PU” but I mean when I say most of them are – no seriously, like 99% of squishies.

Polyurethane foam

Photo of polyurethane foam in Europur

Here’s a fun a fact, PU, which is short for Polyurethane, was actually made by a German named Otto Bayer back in 1923. Since its creation, PU became a popular sensation to the masses.

In the World War II, polyurethane actually made quite a role in the production of plane. Back then; this was the best choice for making aircraft coating.

Oh, and let me throw in the fact that it was the suggested material to use for a plastic car in Germany (this was in 1969).

Uhh…Is It Safe To Use?

Sorry for the boring talk, but I just wanted to give you a quick overview of the material as I’m pretty sure you’re hogging your squishies collection as we speak.

I’m pretty sure you got something from our history lesson though, it’s not made out of a natural element. So, I can understand that you’re feeling uneasy about playing with your squishies in this scenario.

But don’t worry, PU is perfectly okay to use, and you don’t have to worry about any chemical poisoning happening anytime soon.

Word of Advice

Despite the fact that they are perfectly safe, it does come with a major flaw – they aren’t durable. And things can get really out of hand if you aren’t properly storing them.

The scent, which we’ve silently agreed that makes squishies more addictive than they should be, may lose its scent if put under the heat of the sun for a long period of time.

This has something to do with Polyurethane, it has a reaction to the sunlight, which makes the squishies’ color turn into yellow. It also has a negative effect on its physical properties, such as it may begin to fall apart.

Generally speaking, just make sure that your squishies are stored in a cool place, safely protected against the direct light of the sun. With proper care, they’re going to be with you for a long time.

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