What Are The Top 5 Squishies?

What Are The Top 5 Squishies?

While this may sound silly, I actually went through the trouble of looking the Squishiest among Squishies – okay, I know it doesn’t exactly sound like the smartest statement of the day, but hear me out. There ARE extraordinary squishes in my book that outranks the rest.

So, I did a bit of research – well, I technically spent 5 hours debating against myself as to what squishy that deserves to be on the list – and I’ve decided to share it with you guys. Just in case you’re also uncertain on what Squishy you should get on your own.

Without further ado, let’s start kicking with the Squishiest among Squishies. Oh, and before we begin, I may be a bit of bias with my picks…since this is my personal choice, after all.


Normal-sized squishies are awesome, but do you know what would be more awesome? Jumbo Panda Squishies! Simply because they’re bigger, and well, it generally gives you more room to love.

For the squishy fanatics out there, this offers a 10 cm length of a squishy that gives you a sweet smell of awesomeness. You get to choose from its three different models.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the price is currently at a discount. You can get it at only $3.25 a piece!

Remember when I said I’m going to be biased with my choices? Well, here you have it – another panda on the list. Only this time around, it’s smaller. Honestly, the facts that it can be used as a cute phone charm to jazz up your cellular accessories are just amazing, and you can even turn it into a key chain as well.

Just like with its Jumbo Counterpart, you’ll also get to knack with three different models. Of course, they’re cheaper as well only at $1.20 per piece.

  • Jumbo Marshmallow Buns

Unfortunately, these aren’t available on the market any longer. But I wanted to save a spot for its due to its popularity despite it being short-lived. The scent it gives off is definitely one of a kind, and it does live up to its name as a “Marshmallow” Bun due to its ultra-soft material.

  • Breadou Donuts

In an earlier article, I talked about how Breadou line of squishies is one of the most high-quality out there. This has been made with love by the big man himself, Chef Breadou.

It does not only stimulate your appetite for some sweet donuts, but these editions have been made extra soft. You’re given six different donut designs that let you choose the flavor of your own choice.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the saying “Save the best for last” and so I did. Jumbo Turtle Squishy IS the highlight of this list. It serves you all the love with its 14-centimeter long body, and its soft texture.

Although this is the priciest on the list, boasting at $4.35 per piece, it does justify the price with its quality. Besides, who doesn’t love to have their own squishy turtle to hold?

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