Why Are Squishies Everywhere?

Why Are Squishies Everywhere?

It doesn’t really matter how old you are, I’m 100% sure you’ve heard of squishies before. There are a couple of reasons why I’m confident with my claim. One, its name is pretty much self-explanatory with its purpose. And two, it has been on the rise for the last five to six years now.

Trust me, before everyone all across the globe has heard of it, squishies are only accepted by the fans that have idolized the Japanese culture. So, it’s pretty much a niche product that was only well-known in Japan up until recently.

Right now, it’s sweeping YouTube by its feet – just try typing in the keyword “Squishies” and you’re going to see a ton of them. And what surprised me is that new videos are coming in everyday (seriously!)

Youtube search result for the keyword "squishies"

Youtube search results for the keyword "squishies"

In a sense, it’s now a trendy product for everyone who loves everything Kawaii! Or you know, “cute”, in English.

Cooler Than Squeeze Balls

Are you familiar with what a squeeze ball is? You know, those balls we often see for sale in malls since we were kids – I used to think those balls were mandatory to be sold in stores.
Well, squishies are somewhat like that.

Only cooler.

That’s why squishies are referred to as a unique kind of squeeze toy. They take away the dullness of a mundane squeeze ball that I know every household, at some point, used to own one.

What’s the difference? For starters, they come in different cute faces that everyone just adores! And when I say cute, I also mean they have created squishies resembling ice cream (who doesn’t love ice cream?!) and to be honest, their imitation is just AWESOME.

Companies Behind Squishies

As we speak, there are three big companies that are behind this squishies invasion – they go by the name of SAN X, Sanrio, and of course, RE-MENT and Breadou.

Let’s start kicking with SAN-X and Sanrio. Normally, the squishies they make are of different forms. However, these two big leagues are known for their creation of the most popular characters worldwide – I’m talking about the likes of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma.
They’re also responsible for the production of other cute animals that everyone just adores – one of the main reasons why a lot of fans are collecting them all.

As for RE-MENT and Breadou, their popularity comes from their love of creating unique squishy charms. Breadou, just like with what its name goes, likes to have a theme around their squishies – more like of a bread theme. Even if you’re getting yourself a turtle, it’s still in a bread motif, which is really cool.

Of course, the scent that Breadous has is heavenly. Its long line of squishies are known for their popular freshly baked load fragrance that makes them so desirable – they’re high-quality and expensive in boutiques.

On the other hand, RE-MENT holds a number of different models. You’re going to know them as Hello Kitty or other trendy characters that have this cute, warm aura to them. They also create the traditional Japanese dolls as well.

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