Peach Squishies

At first, even the Kawaii Squishies team was mystified by the popularity of peaches. While all kinds of fruit exist in squishie form, peaches have sold like hotcakes – or perhaps hot cobblers! – since the very beginning of the squishie fad.

Is it their delicate pink color, making them easy to coordinate with outfits, bags or bedrooms? Is it the soft fruity or creamy scents which peach squishies so often feature? Is it the fact that their round, slightly indented shape makes them fit perfectly in squishie’ fans hands?

Well…it could be any or all of those things.

But we here at Kawaii Squishies have a sneaking suspicion that there might be another reason behind the popularity of peaches. These plump fruits bear a striking resemblance to a pair of firm, juicy buttocks.

So, while we unfortunately don’t have any “behind squishies” in our product catalog (yet), if that’s your cup of tea, we recommend trying a peach!