Squishie Buns

In Japan, bread is more than just a food – it’s a culture. Bakeries all across the country work to create unique, delicious treats for customers of all ages to enjoy. While cakes, cookies, muffins and scones are all yummy, nothing is more crowd-pleasing than Japan’s signature mouth-watering, flavorful buns.

Buns are round pieces of bread which can be eaten as a snack, dessert or even a meal. They are light and easy to carry while still being filled with a delectable, satisfying treat. Dessert buns might be stuffed with chocolate, cream or anko (sweet red-bean paste), while savory buns feature meat, tofu or even curry! Most famous of all is melonpan or melon bread, a pale yellow bun in the shape of a melon with a sweet sugar glaze on top!

Here at Kawaii Squishies, we pay tribute to Japan’s bun culture with our bun-shaped squishies in a variety of shapes, sizes and scents. Show your appreciation for sweet Japanese snacks with a melonpan or an-pan squishie today!

Several of our squishie buns also feature chocolate or frosting smiley faces in a variety of adorable expressions for that additional “kawaii” touch. Some of them even look like cats, bun-ny rabbits, or panda bears! Browse our wide selection of products and pick up your new bun-shaped buddy today!