Squishy Hamburgers

No food has as much widespread popularity and international appeal as a nice, fresh, juicy hamburger. Biting into a hamburger is a perfect way to relieve stress – and squeezing one does just the same thing!

Our squishie hamburgers use bright, primary colors to bring your favorite meats and toppings to life. Rich patties, creamy cheese, fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes are sandwiched between a pair of deliciously lifelike buns. Pickle and onion fans, don’t despair, we’ve got burgers just for you too. You’ll be more than tempted to take a bite!

If you want to add a little cute to your savory, we’ve even got hamburgers featuring adorable animal faces such as pandas right on the bun. Take a (metaphorical) bite of our large selection of squishie hamburgers today!