Squishy Sets / package

If there’s one thing wrong with squishies, it’s that you can’t own just one. Soft, colorful, and easy to transport and store, squishies make a perfect collector’s item for fans of all ages.

Our Kawaii Squishies squishie sets are an excellent way for novices and veterans alike to add to their collections. Choose from sets of 10, 20 and even up to 30 squishies in adorable keychain or cell phone charm size.

Some of our squishie sets come with a predetermined theme, such as animals, foods or sweets. However, the more daring squishie fans and collectors – or those who simply can’t choose between all of our tantalizing options – can select one of our special edition “Blind Box” sets. Blind squishie sets will send you a random selection of squishies in any of a wide variety of categories. You could get bananas, burgers, Hello Kitty, turtles, unicorns, or all of the above!

Add to your collection or get your friends started on squishies today with one of our expertly selected and arranged squishie sets!