Squishy Turtles

When you think of “cute animals,” turtles may not be the first creatures that come to mind. Sure, many of them are a cute shade of green, and they waddle adorably on land, and they have soft, knowing black eyes…wait, what are we talking about? Turtles are absolutely some of the cutest creatures on this earth!

And our line of turtle squishies here at Kawaii Squishies is even cuter than you could have ever imagined. We combine turtles with melonpan (also known as melon bread), an ultra-cute Japanese bun with fascinating sugar decorations and a delicate melon flavor.

By turning the turtles’ shells into melonpan, we combine an adorable animal with a delectable food to create a one-of-a-kind squeezable pal! Many of our turtle squishies also come in scented varieties – your new buddy will smell exactly like melon bread fresh out of the oven. So try out a squishie turtle and make a new friend today!