Gotta Squish ‘Em All! - A Guide to Squishie Collecting

There are far too many adorable squishies out there to be satisfied with just one. Start with a cat, pretty soon it’ll need a dog to keep it company. Pick a banana – but look, pair it with that ice cream for a perfect banana split!

And then, before you know it, you’ll have your very own squishie collection!

Want to take to YouTube and start showing off your horde of squishies to the world? Feel like meeting up with your fellow collectors to talk about all things soft and squishy? Can’t wait to tell your friends about your rad new hobby?

You may have realized by now that squishie collecting has its own unique vocabulary – but there’s no Rosetta Stone software for the language of squishie. That’s why we here at Kawaii Squishies have compiled the following handy-dandy Collector’s Guide! Read on, and you’ll be talking squish with friends, fans, and fellow enthusiasts in no time!

Rare Squishies

We here at Kawaii Squishies firmly believe that all squishies are created equally adorable – and, of course, equally squishable. However, as their popularity spreads from Japan to Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, the US, and worldwide, certain varieties have proved slightly more difficult to obtain than others.

These Holy Grails of squish are the rare squishies.

But just what turns an ordinary squishie into the sweet-scented crown jewel of some happy fan’s collection?

First Batch VS Reproduction

Squishies are made from molds. No, not that gross stuff that grows on bread if you leave it out too long – squishie molds are hard plastic or metal shapes similar to cookie cutters. These molds can be used to make a large amount of squishies in the same shape but a rainbow of different colors, patterns and scents.

Take Sanrio, the parent company of the adorable Hello Kitty, for example. One of the first squishies produced by Sanrio was a doughnut with Hello Kitty-inspired ears – a classic “combination” squishie.

Predictably, these doughnuts were a massive hit with kawaii enthusiasts around the world, and Sanrio’s first batch of the product – which featured chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles – soon sold out.

However, since they still had the mold, Sanrio was easily able to reproduce the cat-eared doughnut. The second batch of squishies came in the same adorable shape and were just as soft and squeezable, but now sported strawberry icing and chocolate sprinkles!

Both the chocolate doughnut and the strawberry doughnut are utterly adorable and beloved by squishie fans everywhere. However, the chocolate doughnut is considered a rare squishie because fewer were produced during Sanrio’s initial run of the product.

Any number of factors can determine a squishie’s rare vs. common status – size, color, brand, scent, and more. For example, in Japan, squishies which smell of fresh-baked bread are often rare, because the scent’s popularity means they sell out fast. In America, Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma squishies frequently achieve rare status as the characters grow in overseas popularity.

Recently, peach-shaped squishies have exploded in popularity and are beginning to be considered rare – but(t) the Kawaii Squishies team has absolutely no idea why that could be! (wink)


Slow Rising

Another factor which often determines a squishie’s popularity is whether or not it is slow rising. A squishie’s rise time is the measure of how long it takes to return to its original shape after being firmly and thoroughly squished.

Squishies which take a longer time to resume their shape – called slow rising or slow risers by fans – have gained popularity among the squishie collector community on YouTube. Watching a slow rising squishie gradually return to its original form is considered a calming, relaxing activity – possibly just as therapeutic as squeezing the toy to begin with!

One popular activity among squishie enthusiast is squishie racing – squeezing two (or more) squishies at the same time and seeing which one returns to its original shape the fastest. Some fans even bet on their favorite squishie!

If you’re excited to show off your new squishie collection on YouTube, but don’t know where to start, try a squishie race video! You could even set up a tournament and have fans predict which squishie will ultimately be the fastest or slowest rising of them all!


Start Your Collection Today!

Squishie collecting is a fun hobby for absolutely anyone – and best of all, it’s super easy to get started! Just pick out one or more of your favorite Kawaii Squishie products and start your brand new collection today!